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We have been doing work for hire since 2004. We worked for companies across the EU and US. From early stage startups to banks. Most of our experience is writing software that touched money in some way: underwriting platforms, accounting software, quotations, billing for SAAS.

Our signature style is no-nonsense, full focus on delivery using agile methods. We thrive in doing quick iterations and creating clean, but maybe a bit utilitaria UIs. We follow TDD, use CI/CD and other best practices. We are not fans of overengineered and non-stop rewriting working code in framework du jour just for the sake of keeping it current.

We are happy to build a team of 1 to 5 people for you. Our favorite type of work is to do end-to-end delivery: from analysis to production with additional maintenance. Alternatively we like to work with difficult codebases, doing bug fixing, maintenance and performance improvements.

Our Technology Stack

  • CRUD apps: Ruby on Rails
  • BE and Infra: Go
  • Machine learning: PyTorch, Scikit-learn
  • iOS apps: Swift + SwiftUI


Get in touch, we are happy to meet you for coffee or Zoom call.