Models Company

Portable NIR Spectrometer

Battery operated, custom NIR spectrometer based on Texas Instruments DLP technology.

NIR Prospector

Battery powered device with wavelength range of 900 - 1,700nm. Based on DLP NIRScan Nano module developed by TI.

  • Connectivity

    Comunicate via Bluetooth Low Energy, USB or store your scans on SD card for full autonomy. Store and analyze data on your computer or share them via our cloud software.

  • Sensors

    Temperature and humidity sensors built inside the device. GPS location could be attached to the scan via our iOS app.

  • Open Software Platform

    Each device come with application that works on Windows, Mac and various distributions of Linux. Additionaly we are providing full set of APIs for controlling instrument and managing data. All of our software come with full source code.

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