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Founded in 2015 and located in Brno, Czech Republic. We are a small and independent software development studio, focusing on building our own products as well as contract work for other companies across the Europe and the USA. We are proud to be an engineering led company with a tight knit group of people working together since 2004.

Vialtek was founded as a scientific instrumentation company, building custom integrated NIR spectrometers and a suite of chemometrics tools to be used in wineries to perform routine analysis without the need of visiting the lab. In the end we are better software and machine learning developers than instrumentation manufacturers and we ended up focusing on our chemometrics SW and released it to the general public. You can check it out here.


David Filip
Founder and CEO
Vialtek s.r.o.
Nové sady 988/2
602 00, Brno
Czech Republic

IČO: 038 37 947